Saturday, March 20, 2010

Euro Week on Etsy

a lovely spring gift and gesture toward etsy's European sellers and partners:-) We all can't wait what will come out o fit!
European Street Team, that I also belong to, is announcing SPECIAL OFFERS
Both ROROISM and ArcheoChic are offering free shipping!
enjoy spring shopping

Miły wiosenny prezent i gest wobec europejskich sprzedawcow i kupców od ETSY! Wszyscu czekamy z ekscytacją co przyniesi eten Euro-tydzien.
EuropeanStreet Team do której nalezy ROROISM ogłasza na swoim blogu promocje i oferty specjalne.
roroism i ArcheoChic niepobiera opłat za przesyłki.. MIŁYCH WIOSENNYCH ZAKUPÓW!

In this mosaic:
iragranteco's shop, TomBjornDesigns' shop, supplier's shop, carmenesque's shop, ArcheoChic's shop, ThongbaiTatong's shop, galafilc's shop, vadjutka's shop, alatvian's shop, ayawedding's shop, StarBags' shop, ArtMind's shop, fleurfatale's shop, ingermaaike's shop, SmilingKnitting's shop, FunkyBlink's shop


  1. Lovely collage!!!
    we are great and we do a lot of good stuff ;)
    I hope we are going through a lot of sales next week ;)

  2. Wow, Love them all! All these flowers, so cheerful!

  3. Such a lovely springy mosaic!
    Thanks so much for featuring our bag!

  4. A absolutely fantastic Mosaic a
    huge YAY for Euro Week!!

  5. wow so sweet spring soul and great creations from lovely euros:) many thanks